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Do you have a question related to one of our projects, events, workshops or tours? Or would you like to start your own project, have a wall painted, or get advice on a particular topic? Shoot! Ask away, we are here for you!

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Do you have an office, kids room or a blank wall at home that could use a unique lick of paint? Or do you have a project in mind where graffiti and street art can be an added value? An event, promotional campaign or other creative ideas? We work everything out with you from start to finish!

We only use your data to process your question, we do not pass your data on to third parties.
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GUM - Mural ROA

Marjan D.

Wallin's support allowed us to focus on the artistic, creative process with ROA and the GUM team. Wallin took care of all the logistics and coordination before, during and after the development of the impressive masterpiece on the GUM façade. This support and expertise is important in such a project and it created a free space for the artist and our team that was necessary for the creative process.

Spiderman Cave - Mural

Kwinte B.

Wallin' fulfilled all my expectations. It consists of a strong team with an enormous drive and passion for art without sacrificing practicality (administration, communication and coordination). Both Wallin' and the artist were into my idea with a beautiful piece of art as a result. Keep up the good work.

Graffiti workshop

Mieke D.

We quickly got to work in a beautiful environment with immediate results under good guidance?

Graffiti workshop

Tijs F.

It was a nice experience. My family and I had a good time. I think that if this were closer to Mol, we would definitely want to register our children. Even for multi-day courses (currently it is a bit far to do several days in a row).

Road To Master

Hilde V.

Het was een verrassend leuke ervaring. Verrijkend ook, zowel de uitleg bij de wandeling als zelf aan de slag gaan bij de grafitti workshop nadien. Ons derde oog is effectief geactiveerd :-)

Road To Master - Klasuitstap

Laurence V.

A very fun and interesting activity for the pupils. Both teacher and pupils learn to see the city from a different point of view.

Date of experience:

Road To Master

Hanne C.

The walk was active, informative and gave the children and teachers a different view of the city. The pupils were very enthusiastic about the workshop. It was great that they could experiment on their own.

Date of experience:

Road To Master

Jane B.

I followed the tour and workshop with my students. In a very spontaneous way, we were introduced to all aspects of grafitti in the street scene. A unique look at this art form that greatly fascinated the pupils! The workshop in the graphitti street provided a total experience for the children that will linger on. "Teacher, I want to do this again. A must-do that will be talked about for a long time to come.

The Wallin' Tour

Britt C.

Top tour! Great afternoon, alternative way to get to know the city! Very nice to get more insight into the street art of the city. Who the artists are, what the meaning is behind the work, how it is created and how the scene is structured.