EDF Luminus
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On the wall of a high-voltage cabin at EDF Luminus we made a series of paintings in collaboration with the artists Klaas Van Der Linden and Matthew Dawn. With this project, we wanted to reduce the gap between the social and the industrial. Or at least make it more pleasing to the eye. EDF Luminus was very open to the idea of contributing to the neighborhood and telling their story through art.

The artist Klaas Van der Linden wanted to focus on the power of energy and its beauty. On the one hand, the cleanliness in which it can come, and on the other, the aesthetic value it can bring. For example, he painted a gigantic island with a large light source pulsing from its forest. We can only speculate where exactly this source of energy would come from. Artist Matthew Dawn wanted his work to give the static building a face and emotion. In this way, he portrayed the phenomenon of love, and its decay.

Could your company use a better connection with its surroundings? A real eye-catcher from the outside? Or would you like to communicate the story to the outside world in an original way? Then feel free to contact us and Wallin' will look together with you how art can contribute to your business!

Technical info

Medium: Spraycan and brush
Size: 250m²
Visibility: Public
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural artiest matthew dawn edf luminus regio gent
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural artiest klaas van der linden edf luminus regio gent

About the

Matthew Dawn (BE)

Like van Gogh, Matthew Dawn went through a blue period, but has since evolved into work with a high degree of realism. His works usually carry deeper messages. For example, for the work 'After All, Strangers Again' in Ghent, he drew inspiration from love and its transience; an experience that is universally recognisable.

Klaas Van der Linden (BE)

Klaas Van Der Linden expresses his love for painting people, objects and subjects from his own daily and personal living environment. He does this by means of a unique cross between brush and spray can on canvas. Van Der Linden is a master in depicting light and reflections and often emphasizes these with bright fluorescent colours. His canvases often form the inspiration for his larger murals, which depict a dark world full of railway workers, moths and skulls. Vanitas symbols and nocturnal scenes lie at the heart of his oeuvre that reflects life in all its facets.

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