The Goldmine: Cee Pil
In depth

After our return from the Graffiti Goldrush international exchange project, we worked hard here to implement what we observed there. In time, we want to brighten up the entire district of New Ghent by means of murals. In this way, we are fighting against the negative reputation that the district is now struggling with.

And what other artist to bite the bull's eye than our own Cee Pil? In collaboration with the local primary school De Panda, we set to work on realising his artwork. He was inspired by the mascot of the school in Nieuw Gent. Here he chose to combine the Panda with a Dalmatian. Although it takes some attention to see the dog in the artwork. "The dog symbolises the youthful playfulness of the children at the school.By means of graffiti workshops, the youngsters of De Panda were given the opportunity to set to work themselves and follow in Cee Pil's footsteps.

The mural on the facade became an eye-catcher for the entire district and fits in with the broader story of upgrading New Ghent that the city council wants to work on during this legislature.

Technical info

Medium: Spraycan
Size: 110m²
Visibility: Private (visible from the street)
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural artiest ceepil the goldmine de panda nieuw gent
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural artiest ceepil the goldmine de panda nieuw gent1

About the

Cee Pil (BE)

Cee Pil makes quality work at top speed, which makes it a pleasure to see him live somewhere. Through his experience in traditional painting and making hyper-realistic portraits of animals in particular, he is able to skillfully create this unique optical illusions. He combines several images with each other and achieves astonishing results every time.

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