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For years, the people of ACV Antwerp looked out on a boring, empty wall in their car park. They thought it was time to give it life and colour and asked Wallin' to make a selection of artists.

The purpose of the mural? To motivate and stimulate the employees before they start working. It has been proven that the right art can motivate, allowing employees to start their day with a higher dose of energy. That's why we chose the themes of green energy and sustainability together with ACV. Some works of art can be directly linked to ACV's operation, others require a small dose of creativity to make the link.

The artworks were executed by Matthew Dawn, Plur, Love, Kitsune, Solid, Nekvel and Time.

Technical info

Medium: Spraycan and brush
Size: 90m²
Visibility: Private (private parking lot, but accessible by foot)
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural artiest plur ACV 103623
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural artiest matthew dawn ACV
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural artiest love ACV
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural ACV artiest time skaten
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural ACV artiest solid vrijheidsbeeld
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural ACV artiest nekvel vakbond
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural ACV artiest kitsune portret

About the

Kitsune Jolene (BE)

Kitsune Jolene (Jolien De Waele, 1992*) is an upcoming street artist, based in Ghent, Belgium. After her studies in Visual Art & Architecture and an extended period as voluntary assistant to a few artists in the world of street art, she decided to pick up the spray can at the end of 2017. Today you can find her reaching from Belgium all the way to Portugal and Dubai. Usually painting portraits of women, animals, fauna and flora infused with subtle nods to various cultures and myths. On the side she participates in working with a handful of street art minded organizations in the Benelux.

Loves (BE)

Maarten "Loves" De Smet is originally from Dendermonde, but these days you can find him in Ghent. He completely loves the letter art that is so typical of graffiti. Now he specializes mainly in abstract works and gives his own twist to murals. He often uses black and white elements combined with a specific color to accentuate the environment.

Nekvel (BE)

Nekvel likes to work with everyday elements such as toys, cooking utensils,... as a theme. This to find the aesthetic back in the normal. These form almost abstract collages in a colourful palette. For walls he likes to work with "outsiders" where the wall is broken by all kinds of elements. He then sets to work with them to create a site specific work.

Solid (BE)

Solid paints masks and creatures from separate blocks. These scare away evil spirits and protect the environment where they were painted. As a beginning artist he wanted to show through positive projects that graffiti could also be art. As a driving force behind Wallin', he organises all kinds of projects with mural painting at the basis.

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Loves streetart graffiti artiest
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Solid streetart graffiti artiest9