With the project 'The Goldmine' we are creating an artistic hotspot in a neighborhood struggling with a questionable image, New Ghent. By opening the door to contemporary artists we are creating a haven for national and international artists. They contribute to the upgrading of the neighborhood and the local infrastructure thanks to the works they create here. Coupled with our school for graffiti, we open the doors for the outside world to take a closer look.


In 2017, we broke into the international scene for the first time with Wallin' with "Graffiti Goldrush", an exchange project between Ghent and Lisbon. Some of our local artists went to Loures to do a painting, and vice versa. In this way we wanted to give local artists the opportunity to paint a mural abroad, with a view to attracting international interest. The whole project was portrayed in a documentary, filmed and edited by videographer Fausto Fazzari.

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Wallin' is always looking for ways to create new opportunities for artists. Often it is difficult for them to realize a carte blanche wall in the street scene and we wanted to respond to that! With the Wallin' Walls at the Ajuinlei and Minus One we invite both emerging and established artists to show their skills. Completely free to expose their own style and vision in the public space. Do you have a wall yourself that is suitable for this? Or would you like to paint one of these walls? Then contact us via this page!

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Do you have an office, kids room or a blank wall at home that could use a unique lick of paint? Or do you have a project in mind where graffiti and street art can be an added value? An event, promotional campaign or other creative ideas? We work everything out with you from start to finish!

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