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Your wall, our canvas. Discover here how we transform your wall into a true work of art!
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Looking for a creative activity? Get inspired by one of our graffiti and street art workshops.
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Curious about Ghent's hidden gems? Rediscover Ghent through a creative lens and join one of our graffiti tours.

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Luc De Vos — Nobody gets lost”

Gorki's debut album, which features the classic Mia, turned 30 years old. To celebrate, Radio Willy and Wallin' put their heads together to honor Luc in a unique way. Artists Steppe and Letterknecht created a beautiful mural and immortalized him in the heart of Ghent.

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Az Maria Middelares

The maternity service and delivery room of the AZ Maria Middelares hospital was brightened up with murals by artists Iota and NEAN. Colorful birds are depicted on the walls of the hospital, these beautifully echo the many emotions that pass by at this service. On the one hand the joy due to the arrival of new life, but on the other hand also a touch of sadness and loss.

Street art graffiti collective colectivo liquado mural Goldmine 2022 6

Goldmine 2022

In 2022, artists Carolina Favale, Colectivo Liquado, GOMAD, Luogo Comune and Toon Van Ishoven stopped by to leave their mark on the neighborhood. We also realized during this edition the biggest mural of Ghent with the Uruguayan duo Colectivo Licuado!

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Fio Silva

During her European tour, Argentinian artist Fio Silva made a stop in our beautiful city of Ghent. With her work, she makes the birds sing and the streets more colorful!

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"The Girl with the Windmills" is the first large-scale mural to be created in Lokeren for Belgian NGO 11.11.11. The mural is a symbol for living together in the multicutural Lokeren district of Heirbrug. The huge eye-catcher - literally and figuratively - will open passers-by's eyes to development cooperation and international solidarity.

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Artful Gavere: Cycling and walking route

In 2021, as part of its art and poetry route, Artful Gavere, the municipality of Gavere wanted to bring a beautiful series of interventions to the area using street art and other art forms. With a cycling and walking route full of new murals and creative interventions, they will help you rediscover the beautiful surroundings.


Road To Master

Hilde V.

Het was een verrassend leuke ervaring. Verrijkend ook, zowel de uitleg bij de wandeling als zelf aan de slag gaan bij de grafitti workshop nadien. Ons derde oog is effectief geactiveerd :-)

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