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Street art graffiti grondschildering mural artiest rest stad gent24Ground painting Karel Rymhof square

Youth Service Ghent was looking for an artist to place a ground painting on Karel Rymhof square. With this colorful and playful work of art, they wanted to combat the nuisance problems and increase the playability for children. Artist Resto went to work and created the largest ground painting ever in Ghent!

Street art graffiti muurschildering mural disney toon van ishoven the mandalorian regio antwerpenDisney+ Belgium

For the launch for Dinsey+ in Belgium Disney BE, together with Pure Communications looking for a creative way to announce their product launch. The plan was ambitious, but challenging: 5 walls, 5 cities, 1 month preparation.

Street art graffiti muurschildering mural roa gum museum regio gentGUM ROA

Since the start of Wallin', collaborating with local with local legend ROA was something that had always been high on our wish list. With the arrival of the GUM museum, this could finally be crossed off it. After years of travel, discoveries and leaving a trail throughout the world, the ROA's paintbrush found its way back home.

Street art graffiti muurschildering mural kitsune jolene regio gentLivability campaign

St. Peter's New Street is a very busy street where one sometimes forgets that many people live there. The nightly passage of some students more than regularly disturbs the local night's rest. That is why the city of Ghent asked us to provide the street with 5 beautiful works of art. This way they wanted to create more of a residential street atmosphere.

Street art graffiti mural muurschildering ladouceurdelamiclette wellness regio elzelles artist maris bonzaiLa Douceur de la Miclette

For the final touches of the wellness center La Douceur De La Miclette', the owners Cindy and and Sven were looking for a creative interpretation of their outdoor area, a real eye catcher. Artist Thomas Maris was inspired by the oriental theme that already
could be found throughout the site.

Street art graffiti muurchildering mural the goldmine nieuw gent artiest taquen vogelsThe Goldmine: Taquen

As our third artist, The Goldmine received none other than Spanish Taquen, a Spanish artist, in New Ghent. Taquen drew inspiration for his wall from the neighborhood. And this found in the story of the local mascot, Pino the stork. The stork has been a recurring element in New Ghent for years and has a permanent place on one of the centrally located lampposts.

Street art graffiti mural muurschildering disney start regio gent artiest toonvanishoven deadpool1 2021 04 11 110621Disney+ Star

After an initial firstsuccessful collaboration we looked to partner with Disney to announce the expansion of the Disney+ offerings. For this we made four street art works in collaboration with the artists Toon Van Ishoven, Cee Pil and Matthew May.

Street art graffiti muurschildering mural interieur restaurant uilenspiegel regio gent artiest ceepil draakUilenspiegel

At the ‘Uilenspiegel’, they used the lockdown to freshen up their business. Besides the delicious traditional Ghent Vlaai, you will now also find a few tasty new works from the (un)official count of Ghent: Cee Pil.

Street art graffiti muurschildering mural spiderman artiest nigel leirensSpider-Man Cave

With a baby just born and a city that must be protected a man could use some rest, and some help! Artist Nigel Leirens went to work to turn this man-cave into a Spider-man cave.

Street art graffiti muurschildering mural week van de friet anja luc de vos artiest letterknecht ajuinlei gentAn ode to fries

In order to put fries in the spotlight, VLAM created the 'Week of French fries'. In response to this week, Letterknecht painted an ode to fries in his typographic style. He also immediately paid tribute to the Ghent singer and legend Luc De Vos. We hope that he would’ve liked this wall.

Street art graffiti mural muurschildering regio gent artist lobster robin psomanBar Bricolage: Lobster & Psoman

Last week, we had the pleasure of visiting Bar Bricolage in Ghent. Here they not only have a great place to relax, but also some epic walls! And epic walls = epic murals. None other than artists Pso Man and Lobster Robin came along to unleash their magic!

Street art graffiti muurchildering mural equality artiest letterknecht keizerpoort regio gent3Equality

On a wall of 220 square meters on the Franse Vaart, we have created a monumental work in collaboration with Ghent artist Maarten Leenknecht a monumental painting. In addition to the installation of the Equality mural, we invited a number of other artists to paint to tackle the other walls on the site.

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