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For the launch of Dinsey+ in Belgium, Disney BE together with Pure Communications were looking for a creative way to announce their product launch. The plan was ambitious, but challenging: 5 walls, 5 cities, 1 month of preparation. So we went to work in the cities Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi and Leudelange (LXMB).

Together with them we went looking for a grid of talented artists to tell their story. We found inspiration in the various franchises that Disney had been eager to introduce to Belgium: The Imagineering Story, The Mandalorian, Forky Asks A Question and Marvel's Hero Project.

We didn't have to look far when it came to talent. Over the years Wallin' has built close relationships with some of Belgium's best artists. We were able to call on Kitsune Jolene, SMOK, Toon Van Ishoven, David Soner and Cee Pil.

The project is a good example of how street art can be used in a promotional campaign for a new product. The works are seen by hundreds of passers-by every day and the unveiling to the press was included in the news all over Belgium in no time. Have you developed your own promotional campaign and are you looking for a creative partner for the execution? Wallin' will work with you to see how we can strengthen this campaign with Street Art from A-Z.

Technical info

Medium: Spraycan & brush
Size: 273m²
Location: Leopoldstraat, 2000 Antwerpen (The Mandalorian, Toon Van Ishoven) | Boulevard De Solvay, 6000 Charleroi (Forky asks a question) | Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, 9000 Gent (Marvel’s Hero Project) | Luxemburg (The Mandalorian, David Soner) | Graanmarkt, 1000 Brussel (The Imagineering Story)
Visibility: Public
Street art graffiti muurschildering mural disney toon van ishoven the mandalorian regio antwerpen
Street art graffiti muurschildering mural disney kitsune jolen marvelhero regio gent
Street art graffiti muurschildering mural disney smok forky asks a question regio charleroi
Street art graffiti muurschildering mural disney david soner the mandalorian regio luxemburg
Street art graffiti muurschildering mural disney cee pil the imagineering regio brussel

About the

Kitsune Jolene (BE)

Kitsune Jolene (Jolien De Waele, 1992*) is an upcoming street artist, based in Ghent, Belgium. After her studies in Visual Art & Architecture and an extended period as voluntary assistant to a few artists in the world of street art, she decided to pick up the spray can at the end of 2017. Today you can find her reaching from Belgium all the way to Portugal and Dubai. Usually painting portraits of women, animals, fauna and flora infused with subtle nods to various cultures and myths. On the side she participates in working with a handful of street art minded organizations in the Benelux.

Toon Van Ishoven (BE)

Toon Van Ishoven is an Antwerp, Belgium-based visual artist/designer. He creates murals, paintings, graphic and audiovisual designs. He creates both original, free art and commissioned works. He likes to alternate between solo work and collaborations with theater directors, writers, choreographers, fellow artists, etc. Each wall influences the content he chooses for it. He often integrates the specific shape or architectural features of a building, a column or an interior space into his design. His painting technique consists of about 2/3 brushwork and 1/3 spray and/or airbrush. It allows him to give the piece a substantial level of realism and a 3-dimensional feel.

Cee Pil (BE)

Cee Pil makes quality work at top speed, which makes it a pleasure to see him live somewhere. Through his experience in traditional painting and making hyper-realistic portraits of animals in particular, he is able to skillfully create this unique optical illusions. He combines several images with each other and achieves astonishing results every time.

Smok (BE)

Smok is a renowned street artist who likes to paint with spray cans, but is not afraid to use brushes or other types of materials. His aim is to make people smile or make them think about nature, their responsibilities and consciousness. Smok made his first graffiti in 1986. After an interruption of 15 years he started painting again in 2013. His work can now be seen far beyond Antwerp.

David Soner (BE)

As a teenager, David Soner discovered the hip-hop culture that had just seen the light of day. He experimented with all its different disciplines, but it was through graffiti that he discovered his true calling. Soon his interest in calligraphy grew, which was later polished up by more contemporary sources of inspiration through his work as a graphic artist. Soner always paints with his time, which explains the modernity in his work. Moreover, this artist is an expert in visual identity and often paints logos of companies by hand in addition to his art, voluntarily maintaining a strong bond with the craft.

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Toon Van Ishoven streetart graffiti street art artiest11
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