How it all

Wallin' started in 2015 as an organization where creating opportunities for artists and upgrading the streetscape was our goal. These goals have been maintained over the years and have grown into a specialization in murals and projects where graffiti and street art are central. In collaboration with local, national and international artists/partners, we bring these projects to life.

Today our team consists of five driven individuals with a common passion for street art and graffiti. Together they realize creative concepts where the added value of this art form is emphasized. A complementary team that has developed its own qualities over the years and ensures that each project is worked out to perfection!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Wallin' is happy to work with you on a colorful future.

What are our



Driven by what we do, we always go to great lengths to complete each project to perfection. With this creative team no challenge unachievable. "Your wall, our canvas"


Transparency towards you, artists and partners completes the cooperation for us. From the financial aspect to the execution, our paths always separate with a good feeling.


We always strive for the ideal visualization of received wishes. This by listening to your needs, a professional approach and cooperation with talented artists.


Rick Molyneux

In 2012 Rick started with Graffiti and what started as an outlet became the foundation of so much more. Bitten by the power of story, he developed numerous creative projects with Wallin'. Helping artists create and making the world a more beautiful place in the meantime. Rick is the spokesperson, guide, workshop facilitator and responsible for custom projects.

Jona Vanhelsuwé

As an Event and Project Manager, Jona rolled into the Street Art world through Rick's passion project Wallin'. Soon the love for this world grew and it was clear that he would join forces with Rick to realize the vision of Wallin'. Jona is responsible for all workshops, tours, events, administration and finances of Wallin'.

Mignon Dierickx

Bitten by the street art bug, Mignon joined the Wallin' team in 2021. A versatile talent, that is responsible for administrative and commercial matters, multilingual street art tours and general atmosphere management in the office. Driven to promote Wallin' and Ghent as a street art city, she is the point of contact for both private and business-related mural painting projects.

Pieter Verbeke

Pieter will mainly be encountered in Wallin''s educational section. Supervising workshops and tours, but also preparing workshop murals is his job. He is also active as a street artist within Wallin' for the execution of murals and designs. A creative person with a long-standing passion for street art and graffiti.


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