What does a street art tour cost?

The cost of a public street art tour depends on which formula you choose and the age of the participant. The Tour Illegal and The Wallin' Tour both cost €18 per person (<6 years = free, 6-12 = €12), the Road To Master €30 (<6 years = free, 6-12 years = €24) and the Ring Ring Tour €35 (from 12 years). The cost of a private tour depends on the number of participants per tour. For large groups, the price per participant will be lower than for small groups. Because of the large variation in prices we recommend you to request a price calculation via our tour page. We are flexible and like to think with you about the possibilities, even when you have a limited budget.

Where are the street art tours organized?

The street art tours are all organized in Ghent. Our tours mainly take place within the city center, only with the Ring tour we go outside the ring of Ghent by bike.

How long does a street art tour last?

The duration of the tour depends on the formula. The TOUR Illegal and The Wallin' Tour both take 2 hours, the Road To Master and the Ring Ring Tour take 3 hours. If you wish, we can look into a customized tour that combines the different formulas.

What is the difference between public and private tours?

A public tour takes place on a fixed date, is accessible to everyone and is organized by the corona measures with a group of maximum 10 people. The different formulas are scheduled on certain dates throughout the year. This way you can enjoy all the tours without having to put together a large group. In case of private tours, you choose the size of the group (according to the corona measures), the date and which tour you want to take.

How can I register for a street art tour?

On the page for public tours you can register for one of our offered tours. Through the calendar you can easily choose the date that suits you best. Just click on the tour you prefer, then you can register using the form. Would you like to book a private tour or get a free quote? Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page for private tours.

Can I become a tour guide myself?

You certainly can! Send us a message through the contact page with your motivation and experience within the sector. Who knows you will soon join our team of tour guides!

In which languages do you organize tours?

Our public tours are only available in Dutch. A private workshop can be booked in Dutch, English or French.

What is the maximum number of participants per group?

For public tours the maximum number of people per group is always 10 due to the current corona measures. If you book a private tour you can choose how big the group is (in accordance with the corona measures). When there are more than 15 persons in the group, we split you up with an extra guide. According to the situation we can be flexible in this.

From what age can we participate in a tour?

There is no minimum or maximum age to participate in the tours. If you are not able to walk we recommend you to take the TOUR Illegal because of the route and the number of kilometres.

What's the difference between the 4 different tours?

The difference between the tours lies mainly in the geographical area, which is automatically linked to the content you will see during the route.

On the TOUR Illegal we walk through the city center of Ghent and you get to see mainly illegal graffiti with a small selection of large murals. The Road To Master follows the same route as the TOUR Illegal, but here we conclude with a graffiti workshop in the Graffitistraatje.

On The Wallin' Tour we step a little more outside the city center and you get a healthy mix of illegal graffiti and grand murals.

With the Ring Ring tour, we get away from the center to explore the ring around Ghent by bike. Here, we'll focus mainly on large murals and give you a small spray-paint session in a legal graffiti zone.

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