What does a graffiti workshop cost?

The cost of a public graffiti workshop is always €35 per person. The cost of a private graffiti workshop depends on the number of participants per workshop. We always provide 1 instructor per 10 people to keep the quality of our workshops optimal and this affects the price. Because of the large variation in prices we recommend to request a price calculation via our workshop page. We are flexible and like to think with you about the possibilities, even when you have a limited budget.

On which locations can a graffiti workshop be organized?

We organize graffiti workshops on a location of your choice or in one of the legal graffiti zones in Ghent. If we come to your location we will of course cover the area well so that no paint mist is left behind. Preferably the workshops are held outdoors because of the toxic gasses in a graffiti can. If the indoor space can be ventilated sufficiently, this is also an option, but we do not recommend it.

How long does a graffiti workshop last?

The program of our workshops is basically 2 hours but can, if desired in a private workshop, be shortened or extended. When using a workshop as an open-access activity during an event, fair or party, the duration is determined in advance in consultation.

Do we need to provide anything during the workshop?

For a graffiti workshop you do not have to provide anything. We provide a surface, protective overalls, shoe protectors, dust masks, latex gloves, spray cans and sketching materials. If we come on location we discuss with you in advance what surface we will use on site. This may be MDF plates, plastic film or a wall that you provide yourself. We are flexible and can be creative in this.

What is the difference between public and private workshops?

A public workshop takes place in one of the legal graffiti zones in Ghent on a fixed date. Anyone can register from the age of 10 and the workshop is organized with a group of maximum 10 people. In the case of a private workshop, you choose the size of the group (in accordance with the corona measures), the date and the location. This can be in one of the legal graffiti zones in Ghent, on location at your home, on the playground or close to your office.

How can I register for a graffiti workshop?

On the workshop page you can register for one of our public workshops. Through the calendar you can easily choose the date that suits you best. Just click on the workshop you prefer, then you can register using the form. Would you like to book a private workshop or get a free quote? Please fill in the form at the bottom of the workshop page.

Can I become a workshop facilitator myself?

You certainly can! Send us a message through the contact page with your motivation and experience in the sector. Who knows you will soon join our team of workshop leaders.

In which languages do you give workshops?

Our public workshops are only available in Dutch. Private workshops can be booked in Dutch or English.

Do I have to have experience with graffiti to participate?

You certainly do not! Our workshops are made for people who have little or no experience with graffiti. The facilitators always start with the basic techniques and guide you at your level to your first work of art.

From what age can we participate in a workshop?

The minimum age for our workshops is 10 years. We use this age purely because the strength in the fingers is often too weak / the hands are too small for people under 10 years. Depending on the situation we can be flexible.

What is the maximum number of participants per group?

For public workshops the maximum number of people per group is always 10. If you book a private workshop you can choose how big the group is (in accordance with the corona measures). Depending on the number of participants we determine how many facilitators will be provided.

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