Do I need a permit for a mural? What is the legislation on this?

For a mural on your own home, you do not need a specific permit if it is not about a listed building, advertising, political statements or your facade. Is the wall not yours or is it a shared wall with neighbors? If so, we must first receive permission from all parties involved before initiating the work.

Is there a limit to the size of the mural?

There is no limit for us on the size of the mural. We go as high or wide as you want!

How much does a mural cost?

The cost of a mural depends on several factors. The artist we work with, your concept, the need for a primer and the size of your wall largely determine how much you will pay per square meter. If we have enough information we will make an accurate estimate for you.

Because of the large variation in prices we recommend to request a price calculation via our mural page. We are flexible and like to think with you about the possibilities, even when you have a limited budget.

Can murals be installed 365 days a year?

Indoor murals can be placed 365 days a year! Outdoor walls are highly dependent on the weather. Freezing temperatures or heavy rainfall make it impossible to apply a mural. Given the changeable weather in Belgium, we constantly monitor the weather conditions and are flexible in our execution. This way we can still execute murals in 'bad' months.

Where do you paint murals?

All over the Benelux! Through our extensive network of artists and partners we can easily execute projects anywhere in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Can I get a temporary installation at my event?

An installation at your event can serve as a fun eye-catcher or interactive feature. The possibilities here are endless and we will work with you to design the installation that fits your needs. Feel free to check out the project on Fire Is Gold to get an idea of what type of installation can be placed at your event.

Can I make my wall available for projects?

Wallin' is always looking for walls to brighten up the streets through different projects. Do you have a wall available in Belgium? Feel free to let us know via this page and we will see if we can upgrade it with a mural within a specific project!

How does the design for a mural come about?

The concept or design for a mural is made in advance in consultation and completely tailored to your needs. After a conversation with you on site or online we will look for the most appropriate artist within your concept who will then create a custom design. Together with our extensive network of artists we can (re)make anything and we master every conceivable style. The design will be sent to you for approval and only after you are 100% satisfied will we proceed with the execution!

Will I be in contact with the artist?

Wallin' largely handles communication between you and the artist so that both parties are relieved in the process. If you wish, a meeting can be scheduled with the artist. During the execution, you will of course be in contact with the artist/artist for several days.

Will I be in contact with the artist?

We have 5 years of experience in mural painting and we have not yet encountered a surface that was not suitable. Together with you we will look at what kind of preparation is needed to make the execution possible.

Do you also do normal painting jobs?

While our focus is on performing decorative painting works, regular painting works are also not unknown to us. For targeted special assignments we are supported by an external partner.

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