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Are you looking for an outdoor activity in Ghent? A day out with family or friends, fun teambuilding or an activity to fill in your team day? Check out our different formulas below and request a quote for one of our street art tours in Ghent!

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Looking for a fun activity during your visit to Ghent? We organize several street art tours throughout the year based on different formulas. Take a look here to see when our public tours take place and book the day that suits you best!

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Tour Illegal

Did you ever wonder: how did those graffiti get there? Who put them there and why? With this tour we enter the world of the graffiti artist and discover together what drives these people. From methods to underlying psychology, to risk and return.

Join an experienced guide and graffit artist from the Ghent Graffiti scene on a tour and open your eyes to details that are lost to many on a daily basis.

What to expect:

  • A new look at the street scene
  • The ability to read tags
  • Experienced guide with a feel for the local culture
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Goldmine tour

With the 'Goldmine' project, we are creating an artistic hotspot in a neighbourhood that suffers from a dubious image, New Ghent. By opening the door to contemporary artists, we are creating a haven for national and international artists. In their turn, they contribute to the upgrading of the neighbourhood and the local infrastructure thanks to the works they create here. Join us to discover all the artworks in New Ghent!

What can u expect?:

  • A selection of the great paintings in New Ghent

  • Explanation of the Goldmine project and fun facts from behind the scenes

  • Experienced guide with a feel for the local culture

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The Wallin' Tour

Since 2015 Wallin' has been active in the realization of quality murals. Especially active in Ghent, we worked with artists from all over the world who contributed their work to the city. Join us on this tour together with an experienced guide and graffiti artist from the Ghent Graffiti scene and get to know the stories of the artists and how their creations came into life.

From the smallest tag to the largest mural, we will open your third eye and look at the obvious from a new angle.

What to expect:

  • A selection of the biggest paintings present in Ghent
  • Fascinating information from behind the scenes
  • Experienced guide with a feel for the local culture

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"The Ring Ring" Tour

With this tour, we get away from the center to explore the ring around Ghent by bike.

Street art is not bound to the city center. Scattered around the ring we will find some of Ghent's hidden gems.

What to expect :

  • A sturdy and safe bike
  • An experienced guide with a feel for the local culture
  • A rain poncho in case of bad weather
  • A small spray session
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Road to Master

First inspire, then experiment. With this combo tour we conclude a graffiti walk with a graffiti workshop in one of Ghent's legal zones.

Join an experienced guide and graffiteur in discovering the Ghent Graffiti scene. Get inspired by the street and then live it up in one of the zones specifically for graffiti.

During the workshop you will receive:

  • An introduction to basic aerosol techniques
  • Graffiti etiquette 101
  • Protective clothing

What to expect:

  • Exciting variety of activities
  • Guidance from an experienced artist
  • The birth of a new passion.
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TOUR Illegal

Cecilia V.

Everyone in the group was excited to hear the explanation behind the graffiti, as well as the explanation of the different types of graffiti.

TOUR Illegal

Anna S.

Learned a lot, hungry for more!

Ring Ring Tour

Ide S.

Fun and fascinating activity, for all ages provided you can see the beauty. Smooth and pleasant explanation.

Ring Ring Tour

Karla L.

Out of the box, different, artistic, creative.

Road To Master

Hilde V.

Het was een verrassend leuke ervaring. Verrijkend ook, zowel de uitleg bij de wandeling als zelf aan de slag gaan bij de grafitti workshop nadien. Ons derde oog is effectief geactiveerd :-)

Road To Master - Klasuitstap

Laurence V.

A very fun and interesting activity for the pupils. Both teacher and pupils learn to see the city from a different point of view.

Date of experience:

Road To Master

Hanne C.

The walk was active, informative and gave the children and teachers a different view of the city. The pupils were very enthusiastic about the workshop. It was great that they could experiment on their own.

Date of experience:

Road To Master

Jane B.

I followed the tour and workshop with my students. In a very spontaneous way, we were introduced to all aspects of grafitti in the street scene. A unique look at this art form that greatly fascinated the pupils! The workshop in the graphitti street provided a total experience for the children that will linger on. "Teacher, I want to do this again. A must-do that will be talked about for a long time to come.

TOUR Illegal

Mieke T.

I love graffiti as art. I am happy to have learnt things that I didn't know at all and will now walk around the city with even more interest.

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