Terms & conditions

1. Wallin' retains all intellectual property rights to the website as well as to the information appearing on the site. The use of images, texts and documents from the website is only permitted with the consent of Wallin'.

2. Wallin' does not accept any liability for damages which may arise from the use of the information on this website. Any use which you make of the information on this website, with or without the consent of Wallin', is entirely at your own risk.

3. The Wallin' website also contains hyperlinks to other websites. These are not always checked for content so that no guarantee can be given as to the quality of this information.

4. Wallin' accepts no liability for damage which may arise from consulting information - such as practical information and prices - which is contained on other websites or in other information sources - such as social media - to which Wallin' is referred.

5. Wallin' and its managers, staff members, members, volunteers cannot be considered as appointees, teachers or supervisors. All participants are responsible for their own safety and undertake to comply with the Belgian laws and regulations, in particular the traffic regulations. Under-age children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will assume full responsibility. Wallin' and its managers, staff members, members and volunteers are in any case only liable for their own serious and intentional fault.

6. After the written confirmation via email, Wallin' commits itself to carry out the ordered booking.

7. Payments for the tours, workshops or other activities offered on the website are made online, via the payment methods offered by Wallin'.

8. For the tours, workshops or other activities, all invoices are payable no later than seven days after the invoice date and in any case before the tour starts. In any case, in the event of non-payment on the due date an interest of 1% per month will be due by right and without notice of default. Each month started will be considered as a full month. In addition, a fixed compensation of 20% of the invoice amount will be due, with a minimum of €100.

9. If Wallin' is unable to carry out the planned tour, workshop or other activities due to force majeure, a new date will be set by mutual agreement. If a new date is not possible the amount already paid will be fully refunded.

10. If the client wishes to cancel a booked tour, workshop or other activities, a new date will be sought together with Wallin'.

11. In case of dispute only the courts of Ghent are competent and only Belgian legislation applies.

12. Covid-19 measures: Wallin' vzw is committed to organise everything coronaveilig in accordance with the governmental measures in force at the time of the activity. All participants of tours, workshops and other activities must also comply with the measures of the authorities in force at the time of the activity. Wallin' vzw is not responsible for the consequences of COVID-19 before, during or after the tours, workshops and other activities.