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With this tour we leave the city centre to explore the ring around Ghent by bike.

Street art is not bound to the city centre. Scattered around the ring we find some of Ghent's hidden gems.

What can you expect:

  • A sturdy and safe bike

  • An experienced guide who has a feeling with the local culture

  • A rain poncho in bad weather

  • Small spray can session

Mininmum age = 12 years!
Starting hour: 1 pm
Duration: 3h


20 June 2021


-6 year
35 Euro
6-12 year
35 Euro
+12 year
35 Euro



Start location:

Voetweg 48, Ghent (1pm)

Eind location:

Voetweg 48, Ghent (4pm)

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-6 year
6-12 year
+12 year
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0 euro

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