Poetry wall
In depth

At the time, this mural could be found at the Ajuinlei in Ghent. Located in the city center, the wall offered itself as a perfect canvas for this creative experiment in collaboration with Poëziecentrum Gent.

With the poetry wall we wanted to explore the creative application of 'writing'. So we invited the literary scholar Kila van Der Starre in collaboration with Teletext. She chose for us two beautiful pieces of poetry by the Dutch poet Ida Gerhardt and Flemish poet Christine D'haen.

To realize the project, we asked the Brussels-based giant Solo Cink, an expert in calligraphy, to create his visual interpretation of this text. This resulted in this beautiful artwork. He rejected the traditional the form in which our writing is usually structured. The result resembles an amulet or mandala into which the poems are creatively written.

Technical info

Medium: Spraycan & brush
Size: 12m²
Visibility: Public
Street art graffiti muurchildering mural ajuinlei artiest solo cink

About the

Solo Cink (BE)

This skilled calligraffiti artist from Brussels reinterprets Gothic letters and transforms them into the building blocks of geometric and colourful works, which almost look like mandalas. Black, white and gold are colours that regularly recur in his work and contribute to the mystical atmosphere. The artist discovered calligraphy during his travels through Asia, after which he completely shaped this style of writing. Oriental cultures are a great source of inspiration for him. Anyone who takes the time can even find the 'Ohm' symbol and other references to spiritual wisdom in his murals.

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