The Karwij
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During this project for the De Karwij in Lokeren, a School for Extraordinary Education, artists Xuas and Cee Pil drew inspiration from the idea of 'child development'. The work was inspired by the school's vision: "My head full of questions and still have a life to go, search for yourself and teach me how dreams become reality". Cee Pil portrayed the evolution of a young chick to Pegasus. It then flies over into Huascaya's spiral of life.

The upgrading of the playground was therefore desperately needed. As a place of playful rest, the youngsters can let themselves go here for a while. A beautiful playground is therefore worth a lot when it can inspire the children in their break.

The brightening up of the playground did not stop here. Together with the construction of various green spaces, they transformed the playground within a period of one year, from a concrete courtyard to a garden full of colour.

Can your playground or school infrastructure also use some colour? Is there a story or theme you would like to inspire your pupils with? Feel free to contact us and we will see how your story can be transformed into a beautiful work of art.

Technical info

Medium: Spraycan
Size: 33m²
Location: De Karwij
Visibility: Private
Streetart graffiti muurschildering mural school de karwij regio lokeren ceepil xuas

About the

Cee Pil (BE)

Cee Pil makes quality work at top speed, which makes it a pleasure to see him live somewhere. Through his experience in traditional painting and making hyper-realistic portraits of animals in particular, he is able to skillfully create this unique optical illusions. He combines several images with each other and achieves astonishing results every time.

Xuas (BE)

Xuas's paintings seem to come from a fantasy world. This experienced graffiti artist is known for his enchanting use of colour and imaginative scenes that immediately make you dream. Both on small and large surfaces his colourful style comes into its own.

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Xuas streetart graffiti artiest4