Cee Pil unleashed
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With this mural, artist Cee Pil entered his first official mural in Ghent. Situated on the bricklayer's street, it is a stone's throw from the 'Gentse Grindbakken', the place where he shaped his skills.

With the work he wanted to cast an eye on the surroundings, and the horses stand for the multicultural melting pot that this Ghent neighbourhood is.

The cogs refer to industry, and the interwoven link the neighbourhood has with the adjacent power station.

Technical info

Medium: Spraycan
Size: 75m²
Visibility: Public
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About the

Cee Pil (BE)

Cee Pil makes quality work at top speed, which makes it a pleasure to see him live somewhere. Through his experience in traditional painting and making hyper-realistic portraits of animals in particular, he is able to skillfully create this unique optical illusions. He combines several images with each other and achieves astonishing results every time.

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