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New Ghent, a neighbourhood unknown and so unloved. The Goldmine project wants to put the doubtful image of the neighbourhood in a positive light by adding quality murals. This year in July, no less than six new murals will be realised in the neighbourhood!

Together with an experienced guide, discover the stories behind these works and how they were created.

What to expect?

  • Grand murals of The Goldmine
  • Fascinating info from behind the scenes
  • Experienced guide with knowledge of the project

By booking this tour, you are supporting the Goldmine project in New Ghent.


31 July 2021


6-12 year
8 Euro
+12 year
15 Euro


* Be quick because this tour is almost full.

Start location:

Kikvorsstraat 40, 9000 Ghent (4 pm)

Eind location:

Rerum Novarumplein, 9000 Ghent (5:30 pm)
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